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Did you know that Yoga Bird came to be out of Anna's work with the Four Desires?  What could be waiting for you?


Discover your dharma, or purpose, and tap into the innate desire to become who you were meant to be. Based on the book by Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Laurie Dean will guide you through the life changing work presented in the Four Desires. Are you living from a place where your BEST self is being expressed? If not, what is holding you back? Join us as we delve into this work together over three days of discussion and activities designed to help you live the life you are meant to live.

Laurie is a certified 500 hour Parayoga teacher and is honored to be part of a select group of teachers who have been trained and mentored by Rod Stryker to share the Four Desires with others.

Enroll by January 15th for early bird price of $299 ($349 after Jan 15).


Price includes workbook, but does not include a copy of The Four Desires book. Please purchase and read before workshop. The book is available for sale at Yoga Bird.

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Read the amazing testimonials from those who participated in this life-changing work two years ago.


Transitioning to a Fulfilling Retirement

I would love to share my story of how participating in the work of Four Desires with Laurie two years ago has literally changed the trajectory of my life.


A little less than two years ago I decided to sign up for the Four Desires workshop with Laurie Dean, mostly out of curiosity and also because I love workshops that have to do with self-study. At the time I was working at the agency I had been at for almost 18 years and had been living in our very large family house for 30 years. I was having the deep urge to make changes in my life, but didn't know how or where to start. 


During the workshop we had the opportunity to explore our desires, explore our vikalpas (negative desires) and sankalpas (heartfelt desire/intention), discover what was driving us and importantly develop a dharma code. In this process I was able to share out loud to the group, in the present tense my sankalpa. I stated I have sold the big house and retired from my full-time job to leave me with time to pursue other interests and live my dharma. As of today, both of those heartfelt desires have taken place! After I shared this outloud and did the work in the class things began to shift, fears began to diminish and these desires became reality. So grateful for this experience and looking forward to attending again to continue to refine my sankalpa and deepen my understanding of my true dharma. 


Thank you for the opportunity!


Starting a Thriving Business

Also wanted to share my story with you as I made the decision in this workshop to stop playing small, face my fears head on and purchase my own RE/MAX franchise and open my own brokerage. I had held myself back with excuses of the cost, not knowing where the money would come from etc etc. You know, the typical excuses our ego provides to us to keep us small. 


In February 2017 I made the purchase, found the perfect office space to completely build out to my liking and opening my doors later that year. November 1st 2018 was my one year anniversary and I can’t even imagine having the fears I did before, as every day I walk into my office full of gratitude and excitement for what I am able to provide to the community and my agents. Absolutely the best feeling ever!

Early Bird pricing ends January 15!


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