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Anna W.

Daily Dinacharya: Reap the Rewards of a Regular Routine

Every January 1st, hopeful masses resolve to make positive changes and to set inspired goals for the coming year, but according to a University of Scranton study, the reality is that just 8% of these ambitions last. When it comes to sticking with resolutions for improved health, hurdles to success might include difficulty with self-regulation, cloudy thinking, and even a lack of drive. Fortunately, challenges like these are nothing new, and the millennia-old health and wellness science of Ayurveda offers the Dinachayra as the time-proven support needed to achieve a mean 2019


The Challenge of Convenience

One of the biggest challenges to this fast-paced, modern lifestyle is that of self-regulation. Before the advent of modern conveniences like electricity, humans easily lived by the natural cycles of the sun, retiring shortly after sunset and rising with the dawn. In recent decades, the variability of the daily schedule has only increased; with 24-hour access to food, shopping, entertainment, and communication, one can truly accomplish any task at any time of the day or night. The Ayurvedic dinacharya lends some grounding stability to our lives that can lead to big changes, not only with improved health, but with the drive needed to make bigger goals a reality.


Routine for Regulation

“Dinacharya” (DEE-nuh-CHAH-ree-uh) is a regular morning or evening routine of select actions that support integrative balance in the body, mind, and spirit. This isn’t your average To-Do list; a dinacharya is a short and manageable selection of specific actions that invite improved health, supportive clarity, and balanced drive through the simplicity of daily commitment, accountability, and accomplishment. Actions might include:


Cleansing for Clarity

The conveniences of a busy life lead to compromises in the way we consume, digest, and rest, which results in residual “gunk” that clouds our thinking and the physical the body.

  • Cleansing practices like tongue scraping clear the residual waste from incomplete digestion
  • Dry brushing and oil massage clear lymph from the body
  • Maintaining regular “elimination” clears the digestive tract
  • Eating a clean diet appropriate for your constitution results in a clearer body and mind


Getting Fired Up

A major tenet of Ayurveda is stoking the digestive fire, or Agni, which includes the transformative aspects our physical and mental bodies.

  • Strong digestion supports immunity, maintaining health through challenges
  • It improves the ability to transform and assimilate what we eat into new, healthy tissues
  • Strong cellular fire readily processes and releases waste from the body
  • Strong digestion improves the mental fire of tejas, or the discernment and self-discipline that governs the ability to make “right” choices that keep us in alignment with accomplishing our goals


Supporting Improved Health

Making positive changes can take some focus and energy, so it’s essential to add some support to your routine by including elements that boost your reserves.

  • Spend some time in silence or in nature every day
  • Establish a daily practice of using a guided relaxation or meditation
  • Practice spiritual study or connection with your source
  • Incorporate gentle or restorative yoga classes into your weekly routine


Looking to Add Yoga to your Regular Routine?

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or are new to the mat and are searching for a local yoga studio with beginner yoga classes, you’re sure to find a home at Yoga Bird. With over 65 regularly scheduled yoga classes weekly, caring and inclusive teachers, and a focus on balanced health and living, Yoga Bird invites you to experience our incredibly welcoming community and the introductory new-student offer of 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started!

Anna W.

Happy New Yoga! 4 Ways to Commit to Loving Your Practice in 2019

With the dawn of a new year upon us, many will celebrate the new beginning by adding healthier activities to their lifestyles or by adopting fresh perspectives and growth mindsets. Whether your New Year Resolution involves getting more active or in finding more balance in your life, the reasons to commit or “recommit” to a yoga practice are many and inspiring. Consider the following ideas in 2019 to create a practice you LOVE!


1. Get Regular!

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” One of the beautiful and amazing aspects of a regular, daily yoga practice is that it acts as a positive anchor in your life, and no matter what your day will hold, you can find more balance and a sense of steadiness in knowing your daily yoga practice is there to support it. In effect, yoga can become the platform from which you leap beyond yourself into new and amazing things!


2. Make Your Practice Playful

If your current exercise routine or practice has become lacking in the inspiration department, one way to spark or rekindle a love of yoga classes is to keep them interesting and fun! Find variety with a new class or type of practice. Are you used to a strong flow? Try a beginner yoga class and see how it feels to dial back. Are you a Restorative regular? Visit a power yoga class and be okay with not doing every pose. Yoga is a fantastic path for Self-discovery, and that doesn’t have to be a serious endeavor.


3.  Adapt Your Practice to your Needs

Life is in a constant state of change, and balancing your evolving needs with your practice makes it more than an exercise to get more active. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the wisdom of 2.46 explains the value of balancing effort and ease in practice, but that’s not just restricted to poses on the mat. You can establish a new love for your yoga practice by using it as a daily support for what life brings. Was your day intense and draining? Help the body and mind come to restorative calm with a gentler practice. Will you sit through boring meetings all day? Clear the mind and prepare the body with a little more movement in the morning.


4. Get to Know Yoga

In the past decades, yoga classes have soared in popularity, but many students are surprised to discover that this ancient practice is so much deeper, vibrant, and dimensional than the movement classes taken at a gym or studio. One way to commit to loving your practice this year is to take yoga off the mat, and to learn about how its broader aspects can enhance your life. A great place to start is by attending workshops that offer deeper insight to the practice, or by asking trusted teachers for book recommendations.


Would You Love to Start or Restart a Yoga Practice?

If you have yet to step onto the mat or have found that life has steered you away from it, there’s never been a better time to find a beginner yoga class or to discover a new love of your practice. Whether your New Year resolutions involve finding more balance in life, practicing better self-care and support, or getting more active, there’s no better place to try yoga in Fort Myers than Yoga Bird. Call or email us today to learn more about our unbeatable new student offer of 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for $30!