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Yoga Bird Blog
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Anna W.

Amazing August

Read more about our August yoga offerings and why this news is about so much more than cool new classes! Read More

Anna W.

What is Yoga in Action?

Sometimes our yoga practice is active and sometimes more passive. We may engage in a challenging asana class or we might simply rest and breathe. These actions, regardless of where they fall on the active to passive spectrum are a part of a system, yoga, that promises both freedom and fulfillment.

The tradition also upholds a different kind of action as key to this freedom and fulfillment. That is, skillfully making use of our talents and resources for the upliftment of others. We call this Yoga in Action. At Yoga Bird, we endeavor to practice it in a host of small, informal ways, carefully listening to a student, purchasing responsibly sourced items, teaching inclusive classes. The list goes on. 

We also practice Yoga in Action by inviting the community to participate in variety of activities that will provide financial support to initiatives that have a ton of integrity and that serve and solve problems with creativity and compassion. Among the most outstanding is the Himalayan Institute's Humanitarian efforts in Cameroon. We are continually inspired by the depth of the work HI does bringing health, education, and sustainable employment to this area of the world, where many of our neighbors have little resources and life expectancy of just 54 years. It is imperative that as yogis we serve as we are able, and if we can do a small part by helping financially and using our resources skillfully, it is our joy to do so.

In the upcoming days, we'll share all kinds of fun plans for a Yoga in Action Community Celebration. Think about how you'd like to be involved. We will also begin to formally  include students in our Yoga in Action efforts, so if bigger picture efforts speak to your heart, consider getting involved long term.

The generosity, skill, and compassion of the students at Yoga Bird is a constant source of inspiration, and for this we thank you.

Anna W.

Announcing the Yoga Bird Center for Teaching and Learning

We're calling this new space the Yoga Bird Center for Teaching and Learning, and like our two studio spaces, it will be an inclusive, welcoming place where you can be assured that you are receiving the best, customized care from dedicated, professional teachers. Stay tuned for lots of announcements about programming and other opportunities in this space that will allow you of find upliftment and radiant health. Read More