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Anna Withrow

I am very blessed to have studied with extraordinary teachers and enjoy sharing the dynamic, living tradition of yoga with my students, as I grow into it in my own practice. My approach to yoga is fun, encouraging, and exploratory. I love to combine the spontaneity and intuitive feeling of moving with the breath with the integrity and deep self-knowledge that arises from an alignment-focused practice. Integrating elements of yoga philosophy and practical wisdom, ultimately I hope to guide students in a practice that leads to remembering that we are more than our physical bodies and that we are perfect as we are. If you are present and breathing, I can’t help but think you’re totally amazing, no matter what shape your body is making. I am honored by each student who practices with me and recognize you as my greatest teachers.


Anna Withrow instructs the following:
  • Sri Sukta
  • Come practice the Sri Sukta, an ancient Sanskrit chant that can help you align with the amazing resources within. Our community is participating in a worldwide group practice of this beautiful mantra in order to support a movement back toward compassion, light, and harmony on the planet. No experience is necessary. Practice takes under 15 minutes, so you will have time to attend yoga class afterward.

  • All Levels Yoga
  • All Levels Yoga invites you to work with your body and breath however it shows up on a given day. Your instructor will offer various options with most poses so you can explore and learn more on days when you feel energetic or stay with the fundamentals on days when you need the stability. All Levels classes may be suitable for beginners, but if you’re brand new, you may spend some time observing some poses or taking more rest. All Levels is a great place to learn more about the poses and practices and how to use them to help you meet your goals in body and mind.

  • Action, Practice, Wisdom, Love: A Bhagavad Gita Weekend
  • *PLEASE NOTE: The full weekend immersion meets Friday 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9-11am.
    Join us for one or all three sessions and explore the timeless messages of the Bhagavad Gita that inspired Gandhi to say, “Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day.”

    Part 1: Living your Great Battle

    Friday, August 17 6:00 - 8:00 pm

    The first session will uncover how the storyline of a great battle between two ruling families is truly a story about you and your life.

    Part 2: Practicing to Victory

    Saturday, August 18 9:00 -11:00 am

    In the second session, we will look at how we make choices and embrace wisdom to become victorious on our own “field of action.”

    Part 3: Leading Hearts

    Sunday, August 19 9:00 - 11:00 am

    Finally, in the third session, we’ll walk the paths of practice and love to explore the sublime promise that the “call to action” is leading us toward.

    ($20 per session or $50 for all 3)

  • Community Meditation in the Courtyard
  • Experience this FREE guided meditation practice, held in the fresh air to reap the amazing benefits of meditation. The session will last about 20 minutes and will leave you ready to begin your week with focus, clarity, and calm. We’ll offer support and guidance for establishing your own daily practice. Come join your fellow Fort Myers seekers in this uplifting, weekly ritual!

    Meet at Yoga Bird at the door marked Studio B. Sessions will be held indoors in rainy weather.

  • Meditation for Modern Life
  • Anna brings you a straightforward, vibrant approach to meditation that works within the demands of modern life. Learn how the simple, yet powerful approaches to meditation found in yoga and Tantra can help you de-stress, improve focus, and create a more balanced life. With a healthy dose of humor, Anna will discuss how these techniques can easily work with your daily routine in simple, do-able ways. Great for beginners or as a refresher.

  • Self-Care Jumpstart
  • Even when we know what to do to take care of ourselves, it can be challenging to find the motivation and the time to make it a priority. In this informal session, Anna will guide you to adopt simple strategies that help you regain momentum in the direction of thriving. Connect with similar-minded people, share ideas, and motivate one another. Prepare for a fun session with healthy snacks and lots of laughter. Come once or come each month. We’ll always be glad to see you!