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Lauren McCraney

Years ago, with two children under the age of two, I found yoga. It was a place of refuge for 1 hour a week. Savasana my saving grace. Now I find gratitude each time I return to the mat. As we know, life provides challenges. Yoga inspires me to live with honor and integrity while facing those challenges. Both on and off the mat. As an anthropologist, I’ve been blessed to experience many different cultures and beautiful people around the world. As a teacher, I am thankful for all my teachers. This includes each person and student I meet. My intention as a teacher to is to always be a humble student of the world first. I am trained in the Hatha style. I enjoy teaching all levels, while encouraging my students to face challenges in their own practice with integrity. Sometimes the challenge is simply letting go.

Lauren McCraney is currently not instructing any classes.