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Melinda Krichbaum

Yoga has always held a safe space for me to unwind, release, expand, and grow. My goal is to recreate that environment for others. I grew up dancing so I have a passion for technicality and a respect for how things organically flow. My cues offer a reflection of that in keeping you safe while meeting you where you’re at on any given day. If you want to get rooted and find yourself in the present moment, I’ll see you on the mat!

Melinda Krichbaum instructs the following:
  • Yoga Bird Flow
  • This upbeat, mixed-level class incorporates both alignment of the body and vinyasa (breath by breath movement) to help you experience profound benefits in a short time. In this class, you very much design your own experience, with the instructor suggesting ways to slow down and focus on inner awareness or ways to build heat and challenge. The diversity available in this practice is part of what makes it so fun.