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Marti Dowman

I started my practice of Yoga after exploring Buddhist meditation. During my first yoga class at a local gym, I immediately felt the “meditation in motion” that helped calm the mind and facilitate the mind/body connection I was seeking. Wanting to take my practice to a deeper level, I completed 200 hour teacher training at Joyful Yoga in December 2010. In an effort to better serve all students, I completed my 500 hour training in September 2013 with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy in Asheville, NC.
The burst of the housing bubble ended my sales career but blessed me with the freedom to pursue work from my heart center. I now teach several classes weekly and love to combine asana with the wisdom found in the Yoga Sutras. My intention is to continue to grow in my practice on and off the mat while being of service to students.

Marti Dowman instructs the following:
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Begin to awaken to your body in Gentle Yoga, gradually gaining flexibility and mobility through stretching the body and stabilizing the breath. Those new to the practice will benefit from the slower pace and emphasis on reclining and seated postures. More experienced students find Gentle Yoga a place to reconnect with the fundamentals of practice and to cultivate mindful awareness.