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Ayurveda for Happy Kids

This class is taught by:

Shanna Bryant

When my daughter began Kindergarten in 2012, I realized I was so caught up with being a mommy, I lost myself as a woman. It was then, I found yoga. Yoga has helped me in every way. It has given me the wisdom to heal myself, body, mind and spirit. It also feels AMAZING! I knew I wanted yoga in my life everyday and I was already a Child Care Provider for many years, so bringing my passions together felt very natural. I began teaching Kids Yoga for Yoga Bird in 2015. Helping kids discover mindfulness thru movement, breath work and play has been such a joy. I am following my dharma and I couldn't feel more fulfilled.
Almost from birth, children express their uniqueness through personal preferences, behavioral tendencies, and even personality traits—but what makes them so different from the start? Ayurveda, or Yoga’s system for health and wellness, explains that we’re all born with a distinctive combination of 5 elements that create a special “set” that governs our natural tendencies. Does your creative and sensitive child eat a lot of tiny meals and tend to get chilly? Do you carry snacks for your outgoing go-getter so he doesn’t get “hangry?” Does your sweet and patient munchkin tend to lack a little in the motivation department? Join Kids’ Yoga teacher and Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Shanna to learn more about what makes your child tick, how you can better relate to them from your own “type,” and how to create the most supportive environment to see them thrive.