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Yoga Basics

Need to brush up on your Yoga Basics, Fort Myers?

Look no further than Yoga Bird's Yoga Basics class. A basics class is the perfect way to start to introduce yoga into your life. Yoga Basics is perfect for students brand-new to yoga, those who are building a young practice, and more experienced practitioners who need to revisit the fundamentals.

In this class, the pace is slower than in many other yoga classes.

There is plenty of time for explanation and individualized help with poses when desired. In each pose, the instructor explains how the pose should feel as well as what the alignment of the pose should be. This helps newer students build confidence that they are working the proper areas of their bodies during each pose. A strong base knowledge of each pose and its alignment will provide the foundation for a full, safe, and fulfilling yoga practice for years to come.

Yoga Bird Basics features a variety of classical yoga poses, also known as asanas.

The flow of the poses in this class helps gently build strength and improved flexibility over time. In addition, time is spent readying the body for these movements by stretching and mindful breathing. Mindful breathing is key to vinyasa yoga and time will be spent in Yoga Bird Basics helping students learn to be aware of their breath. Asanas will include standing poses, seated poses, and lying poses. Those seeking to work with balance in their bodies and in their lives will benefit from the physical work and meditation done in Yoga Basics.

Savasana, also known as corpse pose, will end each class so students have quiet time for breath and reflection. Time for meditation helps students return to the breath and let distractions and thoughts wash over them while they focus on the in and out of breathing.

But Yoga Bird Basics is not just for beginners.

It's a great class for more experienced practitioners to attend as well. Sometimes as students progress in yoga practice, they need to revisit the basics to make sure they have not strayed from the fundamentals. This is especially true of alignment in poses. In addition, as you become experienced and you begin to try to witness your mind and breath in different poses, you may want to try Yoga Basics so you are able to focus more specifically on mind and breath without thinking quite so much about your body and how to do the poses themselves. This is particularly true of students who are working on mindful breathing in their yoga practice overall.

Please arrive to Yoga Basics class at our yoga studio in Fort Myers about 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin so you have plenty of time to sign in, find a comfortable spot in the studio, and begin to leave the worries of everyday life behind before class begins.

Drop in for a Yoga Basics class in Fort Myers, or sign up online!
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