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Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga (also known as Deep Stretch and Release) is a form of yoga that cultivates flexibility, focus, and deep calm. The target of the class is an increase in flexibility and mobility. Yin Yoga Fort Myers is a more slowly paced class in which practitioners hold poses for an extended length of time. In fact, each class may only be comprised of seven to eight different poses, but those poses are held much more deeply and for a greater length of time.

Holding the poses for longer releases muscular effort, which expands and enlivens the connective tissues of the body. The poses work deep to access the body's connective tissue, ligaments, and joints, even the bones and fascia. As students hold the poses, a deeper level of flexibility and a different category of benefit is achieved than with faster-moving flows.

Yin Yoga can help improve energy flow within the body, touching on the Taoist tradition of Chinese medicine.

Improved energy flow benefits the organs, which contributes to better overall health.

There are many interesting benefits to a Yin Yoga practice. It can be a nice counterbalance, a way of slowing down a more active practice and becoming more entrenched in the poses for longer hold times. Holding poses for an extended length of time changes a student's relationship with that pose.

The same pose in a faster-moving flow will produce an entirely different result, so a balance of more active flows and more yin-like flows such as Deep Stretch and Release provides a balance of the spectrum of benefits that a yoga practice can provide. Meditators may find that Yin yoga helps them make their meditation posture more accessible.

Our Yin Yoga class in Fort Myers is right for students who:
  • Want to enhance flexibility
  • Have chronic muscle tightness
  • Are looking to establish a deeper connection to select poses
  • Meditate and want to improve their meditation posture
Although Yin Yoga is a slower pace, it does not necessarily mean that it is the easiest class. Yin Yoga challenges the body to hold poses for longer.

The payoff is the deep release and increased flexibility and enhanced mobility that the practice provides.

Are you ready for Yin Yoga, Fort Myers? If so, we welcome you to join us for a Deep Stretch and Release yoga class.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class time. This will allow you to sign in, set up, and prepare your body and mind for the slow and deep class that is to come.
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