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We are so proud of these graduates!  Thank you for your kinds words!

lindseyZ It was very early in my own journey with yoga that I knew I wanted to pursue teacher training to both deepen my own practice and to share my love for yoga with others.  Shortly after this realization, Yoga Bird offered their first teacher training and I quickly signed up, while wondering if it would be wiser to wait a bit longer to pursue my goal of teaching yoga.

I have NEVER regretted my decision to move forward with teacher training and am 100% certain that the training I received at Yoga Bird will benefit my teaching and my yoga practice forever. The sense of community at Yoga Bird and the support you receive from all the teachers during your training is unparalleled.  The comprehensive curriculum gives you a solid foundation to build from to develop in to a confident and knowledgeable teacher.- Lindsey
Atali I cannot say enough great things about the teachers and the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Bird. They have created a program that is rooted in the traditions of yoga, yet covers the most modern advances in anatomy and physiology. The information is broken down to be comprehendible, relatable and exciting. Even after years of practicing yoga, I walked away with invaluable knowledge allowing me to confidently lead students through an invigorating, mindful and accessible practice. Joining the Yoga Bird family in my journey to become a teacher was one of the best decisions I've ever made. - Atali
IMG_9402 I feel extremely blessed to have done my 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Bird.  The way the training is broken up into three modules with a month off in between afforded me the time I needed to absorb the course material before moving on to the next module.  Not only did I receive the knowledge and tools necessary to design and teach classes; I continue to receive on-going support.  Anna and her staff truly care about each and every one of their students and do everything in their power to help them succeed.  If you are looking for an amazing place to take your 200 hour training that will provide you with everything you need to be successful, Yoga Bird is the place! - Melody
Chelsea The day I stepped into Yoga Bird, almost two years ago now, I felt acceptance and a sense of peace. From that day forward I started attending classes, this deepened my sense of who I am and how I am in the world. When Yoga Bird announced that it was  going to be offering a teacher training, I immediately thought, I want to do that, but wasn’t sure if “I” could, after speaking with some of my teachers, I felt encouraged and uplifted about how this training could impact my life, so I signed up, and wow, where do I begin? The training only intensified my love of yoga. I have become so much more knowledgeable about what yoga is, and more accurately what yoga is for me. I am now teaching yoga and feel that a different part of myself has been created to help others in the world through the study and practice of yoga! - Chelsea
Joanne 2009_small It has been a very full year and a half since graduating as a baby Yoga Bird teacher. I thought at the time that I had been given so much input and wondering whether I would be able to share half of what I had learned. These past months have been a continuation of the learning and coming to find my own style and voice. I had an excellent preparation in the training. The support by Anna and other teachers enabled me to try my wings knowing I had a sturdy "wind beneath my wings". I know that as a yoga teacher, the learning never stops.


The online resources, combined with continuing programs and feedback at Yoga Bird continue to grow me in the role of Yoga Instructor. And the feedback from students who progress on the path nourishes me. There is great joy in lifting others up to new level of health, awareness and personal empowerment! - Joanne
Andrea Photo The Yoga Bird teacher-training program was transformative, enlightening, and truly wonderful. The teachers who guided us through training provided an atmosphere for growth and exploration, instilled their knowledge, integrity, and the confidence to be successful in whatever path we may choose. - Andrea
Kelly Even after completing the 200 training program Yoga Bird has continued to support my growth as an individual and as an instructor of yoga. Yoga Bird is not just a place to practice your yoga, it is a community.
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