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Restorative Yoga

Looking for restorative yoga, Fort Myers? Yoga Bird offers deeply relaxing restorative classes to unlock the deep relaxation a restorative class offers.

Restorative yoga uses props like bolsters, blocks, blankets, and more to allow practitioners to hold a specific yoga pose, or asana, for an extended period of time. Poses in restorative yoga are usually held for several minutes at a time. One of the most well-known restorative yoga poses is Viparita Kirani, otherwise known as legs up the wall. In this pose, yogis lie on the floor, flush against the wall and let the legs rest up against the wall.

The gentle, nurturing poses offered in our restorative yoga classes in Fort Myers are designed to cultivate deliberate stillness and deep release. In contrast to more active classes, restorative yoga focuses on fewer asanas but holds them for a longer period of time. By holding positions for several minutes, the muscles are allowed to slowly and completely stretch. This passive stretching allows your body to open up and leads to increased flexibility. Your body surrenders to the pose and more deeply relaxing stretching is achieved.

Restorative yoga has many positive health effects as well. Most practices include an inverted pose, which works against gravity to help return fluids to the upper body and improve heart function. Alternating compressed and open poses is another hallmark of a good restorative yoga practice. Imagine bending forward for an extended pose. The organs in the body are compressed in this position, forcing blood out. Next, an open position such as a backbend helps fresh blood rush in and replenish organs.

Prana (masculine energy above the diaphragm that affects breathing and heart rate) and apana (feminine energy below the diaphragm that controls function of abdominal organs) are balanced in a good restorative yoga practice.

Our Restorative Yoga classes in Fort Myers are suitable for all students and levels of experience.

The caring, knowledgeable instructors at Yoga Bird will help you choose the proper props and arrange them in the best way for you. This class ends with an extended savasana. Savasana – also known as corpse pose – allows you to tune in to your body for signs of tension and systematically release tension as you focus on your breath.

Meditation is an important part of this class, and time will be devoted to meditation at the end of the restorative yoga class. The stillness and deliberate holding of asanas in a restorative practice lend themselves to meditation, where the mind is free to let go.

The meditation also incorporates the healing properties of the crystal bowls.
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