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Power Flow Yoga

Yoga Bird's Power Flow is one of the most challenging and dynamic classes on the Yoga Bird schedule. Get ready to amp up your practice with Fort Myers Power Flow Yoga.

Choose to work on advanced poses that might have you balancing on your hands or turning upside down. You can also sit those out, of course, and take all the rest you need as you work your way toward wherever your journey in yoga is taking you.

In this fast-paced vinyasa flow, students move breath by breath through a variety of poses.

But Power Yoga isn't like a regular vinyasa flow. For those who want to sweat and desire a strong physical practice, Power Flow is the perfect choice.

More advanced students might have the opportunity to practice some inversions and arm-balancing poses. Of course you may also choose to modify the class and work on whatever your own goals are for class and your practice overall. Power Yoga isn't competitive, and it's not about what you can do compared to anyone else in class. Practitioners are encouraged to rest when needed and/or modify poses to be more in line with students' comfort level and intentions. Everyone is on their own journey in yoga and the work in this class is no exception.

Fort Myers Power Flow Yoga offers many key benefits, including:
  • Builds strength: Power yoga is a high-intensity flow, requiring a lot of several different muscle groups all in one practice. Like everything in yoga, the results are seen over time, but power flow is one of the most strength-intensive classes on the schedule.
  • Builds endurance: You will find yourself moving with the breath in a way that requires you to keep muscle groups engaged for much of the practice, helping build endurance.
  • Sharpens focus: Power Yoga is fast-paced and boosts your brain's ability to focus through repeated practice.
Fort Myers Power Flow Yoga may help you explore the edges of your own capacity. For students who want to charge their practice up to the next level, Power Flow Yoga is the place to be.

Power Yoga Flow is perfect for students who:
  • Have experience with yoga...
  • Are familiar with some common modifications from Yoga Basics...
  • Are ready to push their practice to exciting new levels!
Make sure to arrive to the studio about 15 minutes before class begins so you can sign in, find a good spot and get prepared to take to the mat for an intense Power Flow Yoga class!
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