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Gentle Yoga

YogaBird offers several gentle yoga classes in Fort Myers each week.

Visitors to the area and residents of Fort Myers and Cape Coral will find an open, accommodating environment at Yoga Bird and we invite you to join us and attend your first class, or to continue your yoga practice.

Gentle yoga is perfect for beginners due to the slower pace and emphasis on reclining and seated postures.

Please arrive for class 15 minutes ahead of time so you can sign in, prepare your space, and begin to relax.

Learning to listen to our bodies is not something we are usually taught growing up, and is not often the focus of our fast-paced lifestyles. That’s why it’s so important to relax prior to any yoga class and begin to focus on our body and our breath.

All of our classes begin and end with 5-10 minutes of meditative time dedicated to quieting your mind and establishing relaxation.

Once you’re ready, our experienced and nurturing instructors will introduce a theme and usually ask if there are any areas of the body you would specifically like to focus on.

They will then guide you through the process of letting distracting thoughts go and will walk you through a series of gentle stretches.

As muscles begin to warm through breathing and stretching the instructor will introduce asanas (yoga poses) one at a time.

Participate at your comfort level!

There’s never any judgment. Your yoga practice is between you, your breath, and your mat. Participate at your own speed without worrying about what anyone else thinks!

As you develop focus and attention to your breath, you will notice a greater connection to your mind and body developing. Connection to the breath is just one element of yoga that can be used in your daily life to calm tensions or anxieties at home or work.

Gentle yoga class is perfect if you’re:

  • New to yoga and want to get started in an easy, low-impact manner.
  • A pregnant woman or new mom!
  • Recovering from an injury, or car or sports accident.
  • Older and maybe a little less flexible or mobile than you used to be!

Your body is an amazing machine that carries you through your daily routine and works to give you what you need, and is deserving of gratitude and attention!

We encourage you to step onto the mat and start getting the clarity you desire.

Drop in for a Gentle Yoga class in Fort Myers, or sign up online today!


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