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Yoga Flow Class

This fun, mixed-level class incorporates both alignment of the body and vinyasa to help you experience profound benefits in a short time. One of the main advantages of a Yoga Flow class is that it allows practitioners to build flexibility, strength, and endurance all at the same time.

In yoga, the term “flow” means moving and flowing breath by breath.

Fort Myers Yoga Flow focuses on mindful breathing with a blend of vinyasa structure with some focus on the physiological infrastructure of the poses. In a vinyasa flow, students only move with the breath. In this Yoga Flow class, vinyasa is combined with some focus on alignment. This dual focus makes the class both safer and more accessible.

The best part of Fort Myers Yoga Flow?

Each student has the opportunity to design his or her own experience in class by amplifying certain movements to be more challenging, modifying poses to achieve personal goals like increasing flexibility or strength, or focusing more on alignment in certain poses to ensure proper form. Students have the freedom to deepen poses to focus on muscle endurance, lengthen poses to improve flexibility, or even rest and modify poses to be more appropriate for each student's needs.

The diversity available in this practice is part of what makes it so much fun.

Fort Myers Yoga Flow is an appropriate class for fit beginners and those with recent experience with any form of yoga. The class offers plenty of opportunities to rest as needed. There is ample opportunity to amplify and modify to customize the class to the goals and intentions of each individual student.

A guided meditation and savasana at the end of class help to quiet the mind and rejuvenate the spirit after this dynamic class.

Fort Myers Yoga Flow is a great class for:
  • ambitious beginners
  • yoga veterans
  • students hoping to build flexibility, strength and endurance
  • students wishing to customize class to his or her own goals
Step up to the mat for Fort Myers Yoga Flow. Please arrive to the studio about 15 minutes before class starts. This will give you a chance to sign in, set up, and ready your breath and body for the mat. Drop-ins are welcome!
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