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Chair Yoga Class

Yoga Bird's Chair Yoga class in Fort Myers is the perfect way for anyone to start a yoga practice. Chair Yoga is ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice without getting up and down from the floor.

Chair Yoga was developed to allow practitioners to have the support of a chair while they practice classic yoga poses, sometimes with some modification. Asanas practiced in this class will have the assistance of the chair, or will be standing poses, but there is no mat work in this class.

Chair Yoga can help you:
  • Maintain and improve joint mobility...
  • Increase flexibility over time...
  • Increase strength. Especially abdominal strength!
  • And improve lung vitality.

Chair Yoga is practiced through a series of seated postures for the upper and lower body. Some standing poses may be practiced as well. The end goal is to cultivate vitality and functional fitness through awareness, movement and breath allowing you to find your unique rhythm, pace and purpose.

Deep breathing is an important part of this practice. Movements will be cued with mindfulness of the breath, which is a vital part of this flow. This mindful breathing increases oxygen intake, lung vitality, and awakens the mind-body relationship.

Chair yoga is an all-levels class. It is appropriate for someone who has never taken a yoga class before, as well as more experienced practitioners. Instructors will help you find modifications should you need them so that every pose can work for you.

Our Fort Myers Chair Yoga class is an opportunity to gain flexibility and mobility, even for those with limitations such as hip or knee replacements or other special considerations. But it is also a great way to build core strength, or abdominal strength. In fact, of all the more gentle yoga forms, chair yoga is the form that will help practitioners build abdominal strength most readily. Core strength is important for back health, balance and stability, and posture. It is core strength that we call upon to perform everyday activities like bending down, putting on shoes, turning the torso, and so much more.

Chair Yoga Fort Myers is right for students who:
  • Have mobility challenges
  • Have a desk job and want to learn how to perform yoga poses at work
  • Crave the benefits of yoga but don't want to get up and down from the floor
  • Are beginners or experienced yoga practitioners

Drop in to a Fort Myers Chair Yoga class at Yoga Bird, or sign up online.

You should plan to arrive early to sign in, find a chair, and ready your mind and body for a dynamic class!
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