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Lynda Artesani

I took my first yoga class in 1999 and quickly fell in love with how good I felt after practicing yoga. Combining my passion for running and yoga has kept me free of injury. Shortly after moving to Florida, I joined a local running group and began training for a marathon. While focusing my efforts on running without yoga, I sustained a knee injury. The injury to my knees drew me back to my yoga practice. I took a variety of classes and was drawn to the Yin style of yoga because it complimented my regular asana practice. I quickly realized that it was the Yin postures that were helping my knees heal and it was Yin Yoga that helped me run again. I believe that yoga is a practice for all the seasons of life and the benefits go beyond physical strengthening. As a yoga instructor, I want to inspire other to live a more balanced, peaceful, and happy lives.

Lynda Artesani is currently not instructing any classes.