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Anna Withrow

I am very blessed to have studied with extraordinary teachers and enjoy sharing the dynamic, living tradition of yoga with my students, as I grow into it in my own practice. My approach to yoga is fun, encouraging, and exploratory. I love to combine the spontaneity and intuitive feeling of moving with the breath with the integrity and deep self-knowledge that arises from an alignment-focused practice. Integrating elements of yoga philosophy and practical wisdom, ultimately I hope to guide students in a practice that leads to remembering that we are more than our physical bodies and that we are perfect as we are. If you are present and breathing, I can’t help but think you’re totally amazing, no matter what shape your body is making. I am honored by each student who practices with me and recognize you as my greatest teachers.


Anna Withrow instructs the following:
  • All Levels Yoga
  • All Levels Yoga invites you to work with your body and breath however it shows up on a given day. Your instructor will offer various options with most poses so you can explore and learn more on days when you feel energetic or stay with the fundamentals on days when you need the stability. All Levels classes may be suitable for beginners, but if you’re brand new, you may spend some time observing some poses or taking more rest. All Levels is a great place to learn more about the poses and practices and how to use them to help you meet your goals in body and mind.

  • Yoga Bird Flow
  • This upbeat, mixed-level class incorporates both alignment of the body and vinyasa (breath by breath movement) to help you experience profound benefits in a short time. In this class, you very much design your own experience, with the instructor suggesting ways to slow down and focus on inner awareness or ways to build heat and challenge. The diversity available in this practice is part of what makes it so fun.

  • Power Yoga
  • Power Yoga at the Bird is an accessible, yet challenging asana practice for body and mind to help you build strength and endurance and cultivate a clear mind. Learn to work with more challenging sequences and poses in a way that allows you to build inner support so that your practice is invigorating, safe, and sustainable. Students are encouraged to modify and rest as appropriate. It will be helpful to be familiar with some common poses and modifications from Yoga 1.

  • Yoga 1
  • This well-rounded practice is great for beginners and experienced yogis. Each class will include stretching and essential yoga poses. Classes include clear explanation of the poses and suggestions for how to modify them for your abilities and goals. Yoga 1 allows you to work at an individualized pace to become stronger and more flexible and to improve balance. Beginners will love the pace and explanation, while experienced yogis will have the opportunity to refine and deepen what they have practiced.

  • Teacher Training Question and Answer Social
  • Is the time right for you to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga or to begin your journey as a yoga teacher? Come learn about the extraordinary Yoga Bird 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training. Our next session begins January 2018. Consider joining us on this adventure, where you will gather the skills and insight to know yourself and to see others in a whole new, wonderful way. This training will also give you the confidence, skills, and credentials to share your passion for yoga with others.

  • Morning Sanskrit Invocation
  • Greet the day with a traditional series of Sanskrit chants from the Himalayan tradition. Simply absorb the vibration or learn to chant along. Then settle into ten minutes of minimally guided meditation.

  • Teacher Training November 2017 - Teaching Yoga
  • We are thrilled to announce our new study and teaching program. Take as many or as few segments as you wish. If you successfully complete all three, you will be certified as a yoga teacher and will be eligible for Yoga Alliance 200 hour registration.
    Segments will repeat twice each year, and you will have two years to complete the whole program if you wish to become certified.
    Each segment is $1,100 (Early Bird price $1,000 until October 10) and includes 64 contact hours with highly-qualified Yoga Bird teachers. There is a $200 deposit to reserve a spot.
    Email Anna to learn more