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Shelly Cragio

Shelly Cragio instructs the following:
  • Turning Darkness into Light
  • Personal Practice for Enlightened Activism. What if we joined in the intention to turn darkness to light? What if we understood our personal practice within a collective one wherein we become a force of change? And what if the formula for creating a collective consciousness begins with befriending and balancing, first, ourselves?

    Join Shelly Cragio from the Himalayan Institute as she brings a message of hope and light, She will share about the practice of Rudra Yaga and how to participate on a personal and collective level.

    There is no charge for this very special event.

    Shelly lives at the Himalayan Institute, where she studies, practices, and works closely with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Historically, her experiences include corporate America, MS/MPH in preventive medicine and public health, yoga teacher trainings, and broad exploration of the spiritual India. Currently, she is committed to sadhana for personal and collective transformation