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Helen Garcia-Valdez

My journey of yoga began with a desire to improve my range of motion. Little did I know that yoga would meet me where I was and offer me a most transformational journey. This new found joy lead me to teacher training at Yoga Bird and has blossomed into the desire to share the gift of yoga with others. My passion for helping individuals, coupled with my love of teaching both adults and children, fosters the creation of an accepting space that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.
I am delighted to share my practice of yoga in a way that honors each and every body and cultivates curiosity and a desire to take yoga off the mat and into our daily lives.

Helen Garcia-Valdez instructs the following:
  • Deep Stretch - Yin Yoga
  • Cultivate flexibility, focus, and deep calm in this practice. You will hold poses for longer periods, working deep to access the body's connective tissue, ligaments, and joints. Yin brings in elements of a Taoist approach and is a great balance for those with an active practice. Meditators may find that Yin helps make mediation posture more accessible.