Susi Wingenroth

Yoga for me is the freedom to be at home in the body. Through my practice, which started in 1998, I find peace in natural equanimity through life's ups and downs and bliss that comes with a quiet mind. I love the way that yoga creates a safe place to work on self-trust, self-love and to humor our humanity. I teach yoga to share the gifts I have received: a practice to build strength, flexibility and balance, and to unwind your mind, release tension and create space for tranquility, within the balance of effort and ease. I also love to combine Yoga with World Dance for a safe and very effective holistic health experience that reconnects our spirits to the joy of movement.

Susi Wingenroth instructs the following:
  • Yoga and World Dance
  • Reconnect to your natural rhythms as you build strength and flexibility in a movement practice inspired by world dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, including yoga. For all levels, the moves are designed to increase cardio health and core fitness and are super fun and easy to learn. Find the joy in freedom of movement, and energize your body, clear your mind and lift your spirit!

  • Candlelight Slow Flow
  • Slow down your yoga practice by lengthening, deepening and following the breath. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into each movement as you begin to awaken your nervous system and allow it to create peace and calmness. Students are encouraged to move with their breath to gain a deeper, more tranquil access to each pose. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

  • Back to Health: Relief for Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Do you have chronic low back pain? Relief may be available through yoga. Yoga has proven effective, more effective than medication, for treating chronic low back pain. In this twelve week series, based on a protocol developed and studied by the Boston Medical Center, you will learn accessible yoga postures carefully sequenced to support relief of back pain. The series is geared for people who have done little or no yoga before. We begin with very basic poses, gradually adding poses that build strength and flexibility in the muscles of the spine to achieve better functioning and reduction of pain. Participants are encouraged to practice 30 minutes at home on days when class does not meet. We will provide you with detailed course materials for home practice.
    ($200 for 12 week series)