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Kelly Cornwall

My introduction to yoga came by way of an invitation from my youngest daughter to join her for a yoga class at the local YMCA. From that day, from the very first time I stepped to the top of my yoga mat, I have been captivated by and with the practice of yoga. As the mother of adult children and newly retired after being self-employed for over twenty years, I found myself with an abundance of free time. As a result of my yoga training I have made many new discoveries, one of which is a profound appreciation for the gentle, restorative and yin practices of yoga. These practices invite us to slow down. They offer stillness and the chance to move inward. I find this to be an important part of a balanced practice. The path that was opened to me on that fateful day at the YMCA has brought me to a place where exploration is encouraged, community embraces and as I continue on my journey I am not alone. Indeed I find myself in very good company.

Kelly Cornwall is currently not instructing any classes.