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Happy and Healthy: Hips and Knees with Linda

This class is taught by:

Linda Rowland

I first discovered yoga 6 years ago as I sought a new way to manage old stresses. It wasn't long before I started to see and feel the profound difference that the practice had on my mind, body and spirit. I ultimately wanted to learn how to share it with others. Since completing my training, my own teacher’s soul has found true delight in teaching yoga. My goal is for students to find what serves them best in their practices; for some that may be learning how to do advanced poses, but for many it is really about finding balance and inner peace and getting in touch with their own physical and spiritual selves. To that end, while I love teaching all levels of yoga classes, I truly enjoy teaching Basic, Gentle and Restorative classes and incorporating crystal bowl sound therapy into my classes. The bowls create a sort of magic all their own, and I am grateful to be able to share that magic with Yoga Bird students of all levels!
Are you experiencing hip or knee pain or discomfort and looking for solutions? Yoga offers a number of tools that can offer relief! This gentle asana practice will focus on stretching and strengthening the hips to better support the knees in order to reduce pain, support movement and encourage overall health and well-being. Class will move slowly and close with the song of the crystal bowls during an extended savasana.
($20 pre-register by June 22, $25 after June 22)